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No. 1

A Service Menu Page

Transparent pricing on your dealership’s website for your most common services will be paramount in 2020. If dealers are going to reclaim customers from the Jiffy Lubes of the world.

Most consumers believe franchise dealerships are going to be much more expensive in comparison to the national quick lube chains, when in reality we all know once the consumer is out the door the price difference is minimal and the reasons to go to a dealership are long. 

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Service Menu Page a Fixed Ops Digital Product
No. 2

Device-Specific Conversion Points

We know that the vast majority of people search on their phones these days, but for some reason one of the most used CTAs for service is still “Print Offer”!?! In 2020 make sure that your dealership is utilizing Dealer Wallet so that your call-to-actions convert. We build around what the customer wants and how they act with the following buttons “Save to Phone”, “Schedule Online & “Click to Call.”

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Dealer Wallet a Fixed Ops Digital Product
No. 3

Funnel Your Potential Service Customers Like Sales

Online vehicle sales have been perfected over the years to funnel leads like the following…
SRP > VDP > Conversion
Starting out with the broad “Search Results Page” then narrowing it down to individual “Vehicle Detail Pages” to then drive the lead to call, chat or fill out a form submission.
We are taking that proven method and doing the same with service.
SMP > SDP > Conversion
Every dealer needs a “Service Menu Page” (SMP) to work as their SRP. Listing transparent pricing that looks like special offers for all of your most common services and adding in a few seasonal offers. Then every “offer/service” is directed to a “Service Detail Page” (SDP) that educates the customer on warning signs, at what mileage interval a maintenance is required, and why a factory-certified technician should perform said service in your state-of-the-art facility using only OEM parts that keep their vehicle to standard and under warranty. This is most importantly where we convert the lead with our device-specific conversion points!

No. 4

Fixed Operations Targeted SEO

Dealership website SEO is a valuable investment for any department, but the most opportunity it could be argued is in the Fixed Ops Departments. The national chains have eaten dealership lunches for too long because of easy and early pickings for keyword rankings. Dealerships HAVE TO win back search terms for their manufacturer + service + city. If the industry as a whole continues to throw in the towel then come the takeover of voice search we will all be too far gone!

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Drive Service SEO a Fixed Ops Digital Product
No. 5

SEM Spend for Service & Parts

Drive Service SEM a Fixed Ops Digital Product

Allocating 10-20% per month of your total SEM ad spend (taking a very small fraction from sales) to drive even more traffic to high converting relevant pages (not directly to your schedule service page) is worth every penny.

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No. 6

Consistent Messaging Online & In Your Service Center

Consistent transparent pricing is a no brainer, but so should be your department’s selling story. The service lane should give menu pricing as well as let the customer know of all of your great amenities and why they should feel good about taking their vehicle to you. If they are driving up and don’t know you have dedicated work stations or provide loaner vehicles then they are not getting to experience the full value or perceived value of their experience and are less likely to return. Here is also where you can show off your dealerships community involvement and your other why buy initiatives. The same applies to your service lounge.

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No. 7

Separate GMBs for Your Sales, Service & Parts

This was a 2019 evolution that can be huge for your departments in 2020. Google now allows multiple listings for the same address. This will allow you to have separate listings for Sales (main), Service & Parts. The benefits of this are simple directing traffic where they actually want to go. The reviews will be specific to that department, posts, images, walkarounds, contact numbers, link to specific department pages on the website… BUT the most important of all is how your dealership Service or Parts Center can now have more opportunity in the map section to fight the chains and independent repair shops as well as parts stores.

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No. 8

Keep all of YOUR Recall Leads While Creating More Leads

Recalls are everywhere and it seems like every year more arise. Actually 1 in 4 vehicles on the road today has an open recall. Currently, when your customers want to find out about an open recall on your site they are then directed to the OEM recall lookup tool offsite and you lose that lead. Find out all how to keep them always, as well as how to get more and why more recalls will greatly benefit your dealership!

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Drive Service Recalls
No. 9

Hire A Great Trainer For Your Service Writers

Completing the top 8 musts for the year 2020 will get your Fixed Ops Department humming with increased engagement and customers. This additional traffic online, phone calls, schedule appointments, and lane visits will need to be attended to by a top team. Make sure your extremely important Service Advisors are ready for a busy year and know how to best handle the front lines. Investing in service advisor sales training is last on the list, but not least. Check out the 5 automotive service training companies you should know about!

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No. 10


This is key…why try to create your new specific fixed ops marketing strategy with a marketing agency or partner that has solely been focused on sales? Yes they “do it” but that is not a focus, it is an afterthought. Make sure you work with us… we are the Premier Fixed Ops Digital Marketing Agency. Our primary objective is to get you more customer pay and higher RO values. Yes, more service traffic also has been proven to increase car sales, but that is not directing our focus. We know that what we are doing is going to trickle to other departments, but we have our resources, years of experience and development targeted directly to your service, tires, accessories, collision and recalls. Don’t make the mistake of “just have the other guy do it”. The cost and results will not be what they should be had you decided to partner with the leader in the industry, FIXED OPS DIGITAL.

Rock 2020 With Us!
Julie Branum

Julie Branum

Julie has a decade of experience in the car business and marketing specifically for manufacturer dealerships in the U.S. Utilizing best practices and her background in design, Julie believes in presenting and converting dealerships online visitors into high RO Service and Parts Department customers.

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