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3rd Party Integrations

As a dealership, you want your customers to keep their vehicles in mint condition with regular service. Although you try to keep prices competitive, some services will always be expensive by nature. If you use a 3rd party financing company, you do so because you want to make it easier for your customers to afford those pricey but crucial services. However, having these financing options won’t do you much good if your online service customers don’t know about them. Enter Drive Service SPECIALS.

Help Your Service Customers Save

Whether your dealership uses Sunbit or another 3rd party financing company, Drive Service SPECIALS can integrate and track your results with links directly on your coupons. For Sunbit dealers, all specials feature an orange or blue banner displaying financing options in full compliance with Sunbit. When clicked, these banners open a Sunbit modal on your menu page without redirecting customers to a different site. From the modal, customers can read about their options and follow clear CTAs to schedule service appointments. If they have any questions, the modal will direct them to an email from your dealership to ensure you don’t lose any potential customers.

Easy Integration & Quick Updates

It’s easy to integrate 3rd party financing software into your Drive Service SPECIALS – and even easier to make updates. Our Sunbit banners display clear monthly payment options for eligible coupons and update across the site as your prices change.

Track Your Results

Drive Service SPECIALS incorporates industry-leading GA4 reporting that will help you track your customers’ engagement with your 3rd party services.

Keep Customers Informed

Want your customers to know about 3rd party financing options even if they don’t visit your Service Menu Page? We have you covered. With Drive Service SPECIALS, we can embed Sunbit and OEM-compliant banners across your website, directing customers to find out more information and to schedule services.

Make sure a higher price tag never stops your customers from booking service by integrating 3rd party financing into coupons with FIXED OPS DIGITAL.

Haile Clifton

Haile Clifton

Haile is the Marketing Coordinator at Fixed Ops Digital. She has worked in Digital Media & Design for 6 years and helps with internal marketing and Drive Service Specials deployment at FOD.

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