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by Driving More Traffic to your Fixed Ops Web Pages ~ by Mike Hurd, VP of Client Success

At FIXED OPS DIGITAL we have created a 7 Step Dealership Guide to creating a better website user experience (UX) for consumers on service, parts, accessories and collision pages. If you follow our suggestions, we are confident you will enjoy more traffic to your service, parts, accessories and collision web pages.

Step Number 1

Review Your Website Every Day

I learned a lot about running a car dealership from my father. One of the many things he taught me was to drive around my dealership lot every morning when I arrived. There’s a lot you can learn about the day before by doing this. Also, it was a great exercise to make sure my business was in order and helped me view the lot as an arriving customer would.

Review Your Dealership Website Every Day Just Like Your Lot

Fast forward to the present, 2020. If I were running a dealership today I would still do the daily physical drive around. But the second thing I would do is conduct a “drive around” my website. More people are visiting virtual dealerships today than physical ones, by a lot. And based on hundreds of dealership websites I’ve visited in just the past year, this is an area that needs to be reviewed daily from the top down. As the saying goes, “you must inspect what you expect”. This holds true for your virtual dealership just as much (if not more) than your physical one.

Fixed Operations often takes a back seat, even when dealership websites are monitored regularly. As an industry, we have nailed down the funnel on the sales side. We have a great process to help drive shoppers to our Search Results Pages, then they make their way to the Vehicle Detail Page, then they convert to an appointment. We have so much content on the sales side that it creates a great user experience.

On the Fixed Ops side, however, that same smooth User Experience, for most dealerships, simply doesn’t exist. On average we find dealerships have 8-10 pages of service, parts, and accessories content. That is simply not enough to be relevant in Google’s eyes.

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Step Number 2
Create a Service Menu Page

Create a Service Menu Page (SMP) with 12-15 Common Services

In order to increase your online visibility, it’s important to have content on your website that is relevant. One of the top-searched terms is “service specials”. Most dealers have very few specials (if any) on their service specials pages and many of those pages are not optimized properly for search.

We want to increase our over the counter parts sales and accessories sales, however, most dealerships don’t have parts or accessories offers or specials on their websites. By creating Service Menu Pages, Parts Menu Pages and Accessories Menu Pages you will create a better User Experience for your customers. This strategy, along with optimizing the page for search, has resulted in many of our clients enjoying a 300-500% increase in fixed ops related impressions.

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