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It’s officially summer! Drivers are testing the limits of their A/C now more than ever, and many are realizing that they need some sort of A/C service. When these customers look online for help, does your dealership come up as an option? Make sure your dealership is getting found before independent shops by promoting your A/C services using SPARK.

If a customer’s A/C isn’t working right, they’ll know right away – especially if it’s a 100º day and their car has been sitting in the sun. But while most customers will know something is wrong, it can be hard to determine which specific services their A/C actually needs. If your dealership can provide transparent or discounted pricing, as well as informative content and videos surrounding A/C service and the different services/amenities your dealership offers, customers will be more likely to consider you a trusted source and choose you for the repair.

Some A/C services that you may provide but customers might not know the difference between are A/C recharge, repair, inspection, filter replacement, and more. It’s important that you have a web page that clearly explains these differences, so customers know exactly which services their A/C system needs for the summer.

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