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Why do Coupons Need Expiration Dates?

Adding expiration dates to your service and parts coupons may seem like a very small and even tedious act, but it has actually proven to be extremely effective. These 3 factors are why adding expiration dates is an absolute must:

  1.  Expiration Dates Create a Sense of Urgency – When customers see an expiration date it motivates them and puts a time limit on your service. Even if a coupon is live all year, having a month-to-month expiration date inspires customers to move more quickly.
  2. Expiration Dates are Informative & Transparent – It is human nature to want to know as much info as you can, and coupons are no exception. This is especially important for seasonal offers. If you have an outdated winter special in the middle of summer customers will either not trust you or they will try to take advantage of your mistake.
  3. Expiration Dates Protect You – In the digital age, anything on the internet pretty much lives forever, including old coupons. Expired coupons have no harm to your business, but expired coupons with no specified dates certainly do.

Expiration Dates at FIXED OPS DIGITAL

At FIXED OPS DIGITAL, we take expiration dates very seriously, which is why we have automated reoccurring expiration dates. This technology is a complimentary feature of our SPARK product. We can add any expiration date to your coupons. No matter the day, week, month, or year your coupon will automatically delete, or if it is a reoccurring coupon the expiration date will simply extend to the next month.

We not only have the ability to auto-remove or renew coupons, but we also have the added benefit of automatically adding coupons based on their start date. Seasonal offers like Memorial Day and Black Friday specials will be added at the exact time and be created days before in preparation. Efficiency is our middle name.

We only want the best for our dealerships which is why expiration dates are recommended to all of our clients. They create a sense of urgency, are informative, and also protect dealerships from outdated offers. To learn more about our specials management platform click the link below!

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