A Conversion Tool, Specially Designed for Fixed Ops Departments

Automotive Apple Pay & Google Pay Technology

Apple & Android Wallet

Unlike apps that often get deleted, wallets cannot be, meaning you stay in.

Pass Accumulation

No worries if you change website providers. FIXED OPS DIGITAL & DEALER WALLET are website agnostic and you will not lose access to customers phones.

Save to Phone with Dealer Wallet > A digital-first experience

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Target direct local competitors and remind DEALER WALLET downloaders about yourself if they enter enemy lines.

Send Push Notifications

Update pricing or special offer and notify DEALER WALLET downloaders whenever you want.

Dealer Wallet is the automotive industry’s only mobile wallet marketing solution that is agnostic to website providers. It is a conversion tool, specially designed for service departments, parts departments, and accessory departments. Dealer Wallet allows the consumer to download any corresponding special into their Apple Pay Wallet or Google Pay Wallet. Downloading the mobile offer saves the special digitally for use when they visit the dealership to reserve that price or offer.

Why do we use the term “agnostic” as it relates to our product? Simple, the goal for your fixed ops departments is to create as many downloads of the coupons as possible. Keep this in mind; mobile wallet coupons have less than a 50% deletion rate. That means that when a person downloads an offer into their mobile wallet, they use it and forget about it. Your dealership’s goal is to create 100, 1,000 or 10,000 consumers who have saved your special in their wallet. Back to being “website vendor agnostic,” you do not want those passes being controlled by a website provider that you may or may not cancel in the next 24 months. Utilizing a company, like Fixed Ops Digital, that administers your mobile wallet marketing is the best solution.

Vern Eide Motorcars Dealer Wallet Example

Dealer Wallet Advantages:

  • Ability to communicate and geo-target consumers who have active downloaded Dealer Wallet passes in their Apple Pay Wallet or Google Pay Wallets.
  • Ability to message your customers with an active Dealer Wallet pass when they arrive at your dealership service department.
  • Geo-Fence Your Dealership: Our technology can geo-fence an area of 500 feet within your dealership, the instant the consumer’s phone breaks the perimeter, a message will be displayed on their phone. “Welcome to Feldman Chevy. The #1 Chevy Dealership in Michigan.”
  • Ability to customize your dealership’s notification message based on the time of year and adapt to the type of coupon the consumer has downloaded.

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Customer Defection & Geo-Fencing Your Competition

Imagine if you had a real-time alert the minute a past customer was going to service their vehicle at another competing dealership or independent repair shop? With Dealer Wallet, now you do. Using the same technology that is behind the coupon, dealer Wallet passes have a geofence perimeter of 500 feet of each of your competing dealerships service departments.

Digital Direct Mail

Using push notifications after your dealership has active coupon downloads greater than 500-1000. You can start sending 100% read rate messages directly to the home screen of your customers. There are no issues with TCP texting compliance and messaging can be custom. This tool allows you to market to Apple Pay Wallet and Google Pay Wallet customers directly.

Where to Integrate Dealer Wallet:

Service Specials, Parts Specials, Accessories Specials and Recall Check website pages are the most apparent integrations. Fixed Ops Digital can also incorporate Dealer Wallet with your chat provider, CRM email blast, and Facebook ad campaigns.

Dealer Wallet Recap:

Automotive Apple Pay and Google Pay technology is a low cost and effective way to give your customers more of a digital-first experience in your Fixed Ops Department. Dealer Wallet is a fabulous integrate across all your Service Media channels. Contact us today to learn more.


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