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Dealerships vs. Aftermarket Service Providers

This month, valuable information concerning customer perception of automotive service comes out of J.D. Power. The perception of aftermarket service providers versus new vehicle dealers is the subject.

In an ongoing J.D. Power study (now in its third year) data shows that service customers perceive aftermarket service providers to be easier to work with than new vehicle dealers. “Easier” is defined by location, hours of operations, scheduling, and overall friendliness.  Price is also a larger factor.

If you have been in the automotive industry for a while you know that in many cases dealerships offer the same level of amenities as the aftermarket guys, if not better. In addition, dealerships and aftermarket shops often have the same pricing. So how do we change this false perception? The solution is simple. Start marketing your Fixed Operations department.

FIXED OPS DIGITAL celebrates your dealership’s amenities by proudly featuring them across your website through our SPARK platform. Whether that be the ease of online scheduling, the expert technicians, or the convenient location. Transparent pricing rather than service discounts is also important to the FOD team. The aftermarket shops display their service prices, dealerships should too. Let customers know that dealership prices are not much higher if not the same as the aftermarket providers.

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