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Why Drive Service SOCIAL

Why Choose Drive Service SOCIAL?

Our Facebook ads are dynamic, so as you update your service menu page, your ad prices update automatically too! 💲✨ No more inconsistency across channels or confusing messaging. Reel in more service customers with Drive Service SOCIAL!

Solve fragmentation across your dealership’s channels
Target the right audience
Put Facebook’s algorithms to work FOR YOU
Quick & easy creation from our dynamic ad catalog

Why Facebook Ads?

Better Audience

Drive Fixed Ops website TRAFFIC with a better target audience.


Create brand AWARENESS for late ownership ROs.

Facebook Ad Story

Featured Services

Increase the REACH of your services. Gain more impressions and engagements.

Call To Action

Book service APPOINTMENTS and LEARN MORE with just a few clicks.

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Actual Results

Schedule Service Page Traffic

Facebook Ad Results

Targeting Your Audience

  • With a Custom Audience, we can target an existing customer base by utilizing multiple sources such as customer lists, website traffic, or engagement on Facebook.


  • Lookalike Audiences enable us to create a similar audience based on your best customers.


  • A Saved Audience allows us to target customers who would be most interested in our ads based on their location, interests, age, gender, and language.

Find Your Manufacturer

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Choose Your Format

Decide which Facebook Ad format is best for you and your dealership. We offer Image ads, Carousel ads, and Story ads. We are happy to work with you and your team to decide which strategy will get you the best results!