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Take your Service Menu Page to the next level.

Before Drive Service SPECIALS

Simpler design, less customization & integrations

With Drive Service SPECIALS

Cleaner look, easier updates, 3rd party integration, coupon videos, and more!

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The Future of Specials

New Look

Give your specials an updated look, layout, and have additional content added to your Service Menu Page.

Better Analytics

Drive Service SPECIALS incorporates industry-leading GA4 reporting that will provide you with a deeper understanding of your website interactions with customers on fixed ops website pages.

Easy Updates

Offer pricing, descriptions, and styling are quicker and easier to update sitewide – meaning no more expired coupons, out-of-date logos, or inconsistency across specials.

Consistent Messaging

Integrate banners and coupon swipers into every fixed ops page across your website more easily, allowing consistent, up-to-date messaging throughout.


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for Drive Service SPECIALS

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Anatomy of our Service Menu Page

Clear CTAs & conversion paths that matter
OEM-recommended mileage/time intervals
Easy 3rd party integration
Drive Service VIDEO incorporated in coupon to give customers more information
Custom Service Menu Page content specific to YOUR dealership & optimized to outrank other sites
List of amenities to show what sets you apart from independent repair shops
OEM-compliant brand standards for co-op eligibility
Customizable styling, pricing & descriptions!
Expirations can be set to update automatically, meaning no more outdated coupons