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With there being more pressure than ever for dealerships to sell, it is important to look at the tactics behind selling and what will make dealerships and service centers more successful. The answer is Mobile Wallets (not to be confused with Mobile Apps). In 2017 Apple CEO Tim Cook was cited saying that Mobile Wallet usage increased by 450%. The three reason why the Mobile Wallet will give dealers a significant increase in their consumer traffic is:

  • Free push notifications to consumers (built in technology)
  • Geo-Targeting – when consumers get within a specific location they receive a notification
  • Automatic updates


It is also important to note that dealers should focus on their top 10 service specials. Lastly, dealerships should not get confused that this will automatically satisfy consumers, the consumers level of satisfaction will still be dependent on their level of service at the time of their visit (mobile wallet will get them in the door!).

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