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As dealerships struggle with inventory shortages, customers are already starting to hang onto their vehicles longer. This means there is a huge opportunity for dealerships to increase their service business. More service customers bring a need for more service hands and talented technicians. The challenge is, almost every dealership is dealing with a shortage of good technicians.

So, how can your dealership find the best talent out there and convince them to work with you? Download the white paper now for some helpful tips on how to hire great technicians or contact us today to get started with our proven Tech Hiring Solution that helps attract and hire top talent technicians in your area!

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At FIXED OPS DIGITAL we create a better online experience for your service customers by giving them the service, parts, tires, and accessories information they are seeking. Dealerships can utilize our award-winning Drive Service Solution, which is composed of the industry's best digital marketing strategy including SEO, Video, Social, SEM and Specials Management (Service Menu Page + Dealer Wallet Technology).

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