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Do You Set Your Service Advisors up for Success, Like You Do Your Sales Team Online?

Have you taken a good look at your website lately? Do you have new promotions posted? Do you have transparent pricing? Do you have relevant and clear information with a clean design? If you answered yes then you are probably thinking of your sales department. We at FIXED OPS DIGITAL want you to think about your fixed operations department.

The majority of a dealership’s website is devoted to car sales, which is fantastic for your sales staff, but what about your service team? Drivers are hanging on to their cars longer thus investing more money into maintenance. We want our dealers to take advantage of that. Optimizing your website for service and parts is a huge way to increase website traffic and ultimately increase sales. We at FIXED OPS DIGITAL believe in transparent pricing, SEO, custom video, paid media, and individualized content. The combination of all of these efforts will vault your website to the next level.

You have hired experienced, hard-working service advisors who are experts in their field, but they need you to set them up for success just as much as you need them to perform. Increasing and optimizing your fixed operations presence will only help your department thrive. Here is additional information on our services!

Drive Service Specials – Replace your generic service specials page with a new upgraded design that is focused on customer experience and driving users to your service scheduler.

Drive Service SEO – Strengthen your website with SEO enhanced service details pages created monthly.

Drive Service Video – Video is the future. Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. (Conversion XL) We build custom, animated videos to enhance your web traffic and user experience.

Drive Service Social – Boost your social media presence with paid Facebook posts. Funnel your Facebook audience to your website with FOD at the helm.

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Danielle Weingartner

Danielle Weingartner

Danielle is the Product Success Manager at FIXED OPS DIGITAL®️. She has worked in Digital Media and Marketing for the past 5+ years and manages internal marketing and new product development at FOD.

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