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Why Facebook Ads?

Our Facebook ads are dynamic, so as you update your service menu page, your ad prices update automatically too! 💲✨ No more inconsistency across channels or confusing messaging. Reel in more service customers with Facebook ads!

Solve fragmentation across your dealership’s channels
Target the right audience
Put Facebook’s algorithms to work FOR YOU
Quick & easy creation from our dynamic ad catalog. Learn about Facebook Catalog.

Better Audience

Drive Fixed Ops website TRAFFIC with a better target audience.


Create brand AWARENESS for late ownership ROs.

Featured Services

Increase the REACH of your services. Gain more impressions and engagements.

Call To Action

Book service APPOINTMENTS and LEARN MORE with just a few clicks.

Targeting Your Audience With SEM

  • Intent-based Marketing Strategy
    Best for targeting low-funnel customers who are ready to service their vehicle.
  • Keyword targeting
    Ads will only show based on the keyword list provided for each Ad Group Negative keywords help prevent ads from showing.
  • Great option to supplement Facebook Ads or Awareness based campaign types.
    People often use google to find something they saw while browsing social / etc.

Targeting Your Audience With Display Ads

Display Ads
  • Impression-based / Re-Marketing Strategy
    Best for awareness campaigns, or retargeting previous website visitors.
    Ads appear on sites within Google’s Display Network (GDN) such as news articles, blogs, or other information sites.
  • High Impressions, Low CPC, High Clicks
  • Static or Responsive Ad Types
    Responsive ads use provided text and images in various combinations.
    Static ads are pre-built images that are uploaded and must be specific sizes.

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With SPARK, you can automatically promote offers on your dealership’s Facebook page through our Facebook Catalog API.

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