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It's Road Trip Season - Are Your Service Customers Ready?

As summer gets closer, many people are getting ready to take long road trip vacations. This means creating the perfect playlist and packing snacks – but are your service customers making sure their vehicles are equipped for the adventure too? With SPARK from FIXED OPS DIGITAL, your dealership can display road trip-specific services, making it easier for customers to prepare their cars for the open road.

Road trip services are helpful, but they can also be crucial to keep a car running across the country and back. No one wants to be stuck in the desert or mountains with a dead battery or face exhaustion from hours of steering with misaligned wheels. Some common services that vehicles need to prepare for a long trip include tire rotations, battery inspections, wheel alignments, and oil changes. Instead of offering all of these services individually, bundling all essential maintenance into one complete “Road Trip Package” can give your customers peace of mind that their car is safe for a long journey.

With our specials management tool, you can easily bundle and promote your road trip specials and set an expiration date near the end of the season, when it will automatically be removed from your Service Menu Page. To learn more about SPARK and the importance of expiration dates, click the buttons below.

Give your service customers easy access to all of the maintenance their highway-bound vehicle needs with road trip bundles through FIXED OPS DIGITAL!

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