Save-to-Phone Lead Generation

A Conversion Tool, Specially Designed for Fixed Ops Departments

When customers save an offer to their mobile device, they are prompted to enter their contact information, becoming a Service Department lead. However, our lead generation tool provides more than just contact information; it also shows the specific services your potential customer has expressed interest in. Target potential service customers more easily and quickly than ever before!

Dealer Wallet Technology

Apple & Android Wallet

Unlike apps that often get deleted, wallets cannot be, meaning you stay in.

Pass Accumulation

No worries if you change website providers. FIXED OPS DIGITAL & DEALER WALLET are website agnostic and you will not lose access to customers phones.


Target direct local competitors and remind DEALER WALLET downloaders about yourself if they enter enemy lines.

Send Push Notifications

Update pricing or special offer and notify DEALER WALLET downloaders whenever you want.

Get More Service Leads With A

Service Menu Page

All of our Service Menu Page specials include a “Save” CTA for customers to save offers to their mobile devices.

Go One Step Further With

Recall Lookup

Our Recall Lookup can be added to Save-to-Phone forms, so potential service leads become recall leads as well.

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