SPECIALS Management & Integrations

Take Your Service Menu Page to the Next Level

A Service Menu Page Includes:

  • Transparent pricing on your most common services
  • OEM-recommended mileage/time intervals for services
  • Automatically-updating expiration dates
  • Clear & effective CTAs

New Look

Give your specials an updated look, layout, and have additional content added to your Service Menu Page.

Better Analytics

Our SPECIALS management incorporates industry-leading GA4 reporting that will provide you with a deeper understanding of your website interactions with customers on fixed ops website pages.

Easy Updates

Offer pricing, descriptions, and styling are quicker and easier to update site-wide - and PPC, Social, & Display ads update automatically with them.

Consistent Messaging

Integrate banners and coupon swipers into every fixed ops page across your website easily, allowing consistent, up-to-date messaging throughout.

Key Integrations

“Save-to-Phone” Lead Generation

When customers save an offer to their mobile device, they are prompted to enter their contact information, becoming a Service Department lead.

Homepage Integration

Most website visitors will land on your homepage. Are you displaying your service specials there for potential service customers to find?

Recall Lookup

We’ve created the first-ever recall lookup through license plate numbers – no VIN necessary. This is easily entered and added to your main fixed operations website pages and “Save to Phone” forms.

Take Your Service Marketing By Storm with

Weather REACT

Weather REACT adds weather effects and prioritizes relevant offers using real-time weather data of your dealership’s location.

Help customers ease the financial burden with

Repair Financing

Our specials feature Repair Financing integrations for Sunbit and DigniFi so your service customers can see payment options directly on the specials.


On average, dealerships have less than 3 service offers on their website – meaning potential customers don’t know about all the services offered. FIXED OPS DIGITAL dealers have an average of 9 offers!

Anatomy of a Service Menu Page

Hover over each area to learn more.


In-page navigation bar to direct customers right where they need to go.


Custom banners with any extra services, specials, or promotions your dealership is offering.


OEM-recommended time and mileage intervals.


In-offer “Watch Video” and “Text Me Offers” CTAs.


Expirations can be set to update automatically, meaning no more outdated coupons.


Custom service menu page content specific to YOUR dealership & optimized to outrank other sites.


List of amenities to show what sets you apart from independent repair shops.

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