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Our Mission:

Fixed Ops Digital is a digital marketing agency primarily working in automotive fixed ops marketing. Our goal is to help bring advanced digital marketing tactics to automotive service marketing.

If your dealership is looking to increase your share of a $340 Billion Dollar industry, then more steps need to be taken. A traditional service marketing program will not suffice. Most OEM service marketing programs are vanilla and highly inefficient. Often recycling the same customers in your service drive. This is why the OEMs are so focused on creating more Conquest Repair Orders.

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About Fixed Ops Digital
Mission: Apply digital tactics used in Variable Ops, bringing those into the Fixed Ops marketing world.
Systematic Approach: Foundational content marketing then conquest paid marketing
Products: A la carte pricing and implementaion
Results: Digital Marketing KPI and an increase of “3 Pillars of a Successful Fixed Ops Department”

Our Methodology

Success Defined in Fixed Ops Marketing

Our three pillars of success

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1. Increase gross service revenue

Use popular digital marketing strategies that currently are used to drive new & used vehicle sales, but can now be used to advertise your service and parts departments.

2. Increase fixed ops absorption rate

Be more effective and spend less by having a consistent digital first message across all channels. This will increase revenue and decrease costs in marketing.

3. Increase conquest RO customers

Use data hygiene and look alike audience targeting to conquest consumers who have not visited your service department in more than 20 months.

Meet the Leadership

The Fixed Ops Digital’s leadership is comprised of not only marketing and sales specialists, but car people who know what matters most to dealerships.

We have been perfecting our products, processes, our customer service, and ROI for years.

The environment has and will continue to change, let us help!

Owen Moon, CEO of Fixed Ops Digital

Owen Moon

Chief Executive Officer
Kevin Kulma Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Kulma

Chief Operating Officer

Chris Branum

Chief Technology Officer
Julie Branum Chief Marketing Officer

Julie Branum

Chief Marketing Officer

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