LSDAP Website Experience Solution


  • Custom Service & Parts Specials Page Creation
  • Custom Service and Parts Specials Updated Monthly
  • Updated Pricing and Descriptions in Online Service Schedulers
  • Lexus Why Service With Us Page > Learn CTA
  • Lexus Why Service With Us Video > Watch Video CTA
  • Coordinate Local and National Lexus Offers 
  • Apple / Android Wallet Technology Integration 
  • Data Intelligence on Offer / Scheduler Engagement
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Service Offers Management 

Work with Dealership to Create Local Service Offers that Align with National Service Offers

Brand Standard Protections

OEM Compliant Brand Standards for All Lexus Service Offers

Apple/Android Wallet Integration

The ability for Service Customers to Save Lexus Service Offers to Mobile Devices Helping Increase CSI 

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FIXED OPS DIGITAL Enrollment Process:

1. Enrollment:

  • Dealer Enrolls through ADE Enrollment Website –
  • Lexus Digital Concierge (LDC) confirms enrollment and begins onboarding process
  • LDC and Service DOC facilitates Launch Call with Dealer and Fixed Ops Digital

2. Implementation

  • LDC coordinates with Dealer, Website Provider, Service Scheduler, and Fixed Ops Digital to obtain necessary access for launch
  • LDC and Service DOC guide content discussions and help gather assets
  • Dealer questions or requests are directed back to Service DOC or LDC

3. Monthly Dealer Support

  • LDC includes Fixed Ops Digital in one or both active engagement calls each month
  • Fixed Ops Digital and LDC review engagement of specials and offer suggestions
  • LDC assists with gathering specials and dealer content
  • Fixed Ops Digital sends dealer reporting to Dealer, Lexus Service DOC & LDC

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