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Most dealers have a menu in their service drive, but nowhere online. This lack of transparency is perpetuating the myth that the national chains (think PepBoys & Jiffy Lube) are considerably more affordable...

Fixed Ops Digital Service Menu Page

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Transparent Pricing

Specials don't have to be special! Potential customers want to know the cost of your most common services & be educated on items like recommended service intervals, why it is better to service with a certified service center, and what amenities will draw them in.

We Work With All Site Providers

Whichever platform that your current dealership website is on we can work on it. Not only work on but we also have the know-how to make the most out of your platform in both design and functionality.

Custom Design

We customize the design of your Service Menu Page based on your own branding, the manufacturer, and any current campaigns your dealership is running. We work with you to make sure we are consistent, on brand, as well as looking better than your competition!

Provide Superior Calls-To-Action

Schedule Service remains our top CTA, but we are replacing all of those outdated ones like "Print Coupon" or "Email a Friend" with our DEALER WALLET, "Save to Phone" CTA.

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Location Recognition

Most of the imagery on dealers websites are of the sales side, here is when you can make sure potential customers know what your service side looks like.

Transparent Pricing

Specials don't need to be special, just give the pricing of your most common 12-15 services.

Service Amenities

Why should customers come to your location? Fancy customer lounge, car wash with service, complimentary rideshare & certified technicians?


Franchise Car Dealership Service & Parts Specials Advertising

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Apple & Android Wallet

Unlike apps that often get deleted, wallets cannot be, meaning you stay in.

Pass Accumulation

No worries if you change website providers. FIXED OPS DIGITAL & DEALER WALLET are website agnostic and you will not lose access to customers phones.

Save to Phone with Dealer Wallet > A digital-first experience

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Target direct local competitors and remind DEALER WALLET downloaders about yourself if they enter enemy lines.

Send Push Notifications

Update pricing or special offer and notify DEALER WALLET downloaders whenever you want.


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