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GA4 has taken the automotive industry and the world over by fundamentally changing the way website engagements are measured. FIXED OPS DIGITAL decided upon inception that our new SPARK Website Service Experience Platform was going to utilize GA4 before UA sunsetting. We know the importance of being a GA4 Founding Member of the Automotive Standards Council and why it is imperative that dealerships and dealer groups are properly set up for success.

The ASC is composed of over 100 dealers and companies that came together to create standards for event names within GA4, such as hover, swipe, and conversion are named the same thing no matter the platform. This is key to giving dealerships a leg up on reading and reviewing the new data by holding all vendors accountable. Ensure that all vendors are sending these to your GA4 account (make sure each vendor is sending this to your GA4 measurement ID you want all events to go to).

If you are a FIXED OPS DIGITAL customer we will push our ASC events into your GA4 account!

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