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Why Offer Fuel Savers Specials?


Although gas prices have been coming down since their peak this summer, the price for Regular Unleaded is still averaging around $3.71 (AAA). While many customers need car maintenance, saving money in a generally expensive time is more important, so they may be putting service off. Also, if customers have to drive further to your dealership than to a local independent shop for service, they may choose the closest option to save on gas. One way you can encourage these customers to drive the extra mile to your dealership is by offering a Fuel Savers Special.

Offering a Fuel Savers Special with services that improve your customer’s gas mileage can be a huge draw. This discount package might include any of the following services:

  • Alignment
  • Oil Change
  • Fuel Induction Service
  • Fuel System Cleaning
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Tire Inflation
  • Diesel Engine Service

Service customers may not even realize that these services can help fuel efficiency, so offering them all together in a discounted package can be both informative and appealing.

It can also help to let customers know about best practices for fuel-efficient driving. Doing so can establish your dealership as a trusted source of information while helping your customers keep their vehicles in the best possible condition. Many drivers aren’t aware that regular maintenance is one of the best ways to increase fuel efficiency. Other steps toward better fuel efficiency can include purchasing covers for truck beds, carrying less cargo weight, and driving the speed limit, to name a few. Make sure your customers know and understand how to be fuel-efficient drivers, including getting regular service and fuel/engine-specific services from YOUR dealership.

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Haile Clifton

Haile Clifton

Haile is the Marketing Coordinator at Fixed Ops Digital. She has worked in Digital Media & Design for 6 years and helps with internal marketing and Drive Service Specials deployment at FOD.

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