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Around this time of year, back to school specials seem to pop up everywhere you look. Back to school often means many expenses, including school supplies, clothes for kids, or even college dorm furnishings. Offering back to school discounts for your fixed ops customers can be crucial in a time when money is tight, but vehicle service is needed.


Many teachers will come in after a restful summer break and start to commute daily again. This return to work means more regular driving – and more need for service. Offering back to school discounts specific to teachers can be helpful, especially in times of higher costs.


Older high school and college students will start daily commutes again, too – and likely have even less money to spend on services than their parents. Back to school discounts can encourage younger drivers to get their cars serviced and stay safe on the road.


Although parents have likely been driving throughout the summer, having the kids around all day may have left them with no time to have their car serviced. Now that school is starting again, parents will be able to take their vehicle in for service and will be more likely to do so if there are coupon or bundle incentives.

Everyone Else 

Even those unaffected by school starting up again may be looking to bundle services and save or want to take advantage of a seasonal discount. Offering bundle discount for every part of the year – back to school included – helps ensure that customers looking for service come to YOU.

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