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When I look at dealership service departments online around the United States little stands out… 

What am I looking for???

For one, I feel like the dealership’s brand, not the manufacturer, but the privately-owned dealership is if anything mainly geared towards sales or general “customer satisfaction”. For example “Blank Dealership is the Lowest Priced In The State” or “The Highest Volume (Brand) Dealer in The Country”, etc.

Coupled with the general lack of online Service Department & Parts Center information really leaves any potential customers completely in the dark as to what kind of service, price or experience they should expect from you. Other than the misconception that you are more expensive than an independent repair shop, that you can count on.

I think of the fixed operations departments as connected, but separate as many do, yet they have no voice of their own. I would personally like it if I could connect them with something like, hey, these are the guys who have the complimentary loaner cars or where I can get an oil change in 30 minutes or give locally and sponsor a charity event or all of the above. You might be those people, but does anyone know? 

What good is offering amenities if the consumer doesn’t know they exist until after they are already there? Wait, you have loaner vehicles that I could have used? Instead, I had a ride follow me here? You have gourmet coffee, but I just wasted $7 on the way here stopping by a Starbucks.

Watch Robin Wilson of SCP Agency go into more detail how they help assist dealerships with their brand identity crisis!

Start warming up your vocal cords online, it is your biggest opportunity and worth any strain. 🙂 Luckily for you, we can help! #ServiceMarketingMadeEasy 

We start by giving you an SMP (Service Menu Page) that allows customers a real look at cost so their imagination doesn’t get the best of them thinking you are WAY more expensive. Here is also where we relay the “Why Buy” statement about who you are, your amenities and we brand the look to the dealership making sure you stand out in appearance as well as substance!

Fixed Ops Digital extends this process to your core pages (Service Department, Parts Department, Accessories Department, Tire Center, Schedule Service or what should be your core pages, but currently has little to no substance or is just the template used on every manufacture on that same website platform). We present viewers with your new cohesive brand, style, message and add our custom content onto all the onsite pages we create, while ensuring they are optimized to its maximum potential!

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